Montenegrin Journal of Economics

The Theoretical Assumptions Of Marketing Applicationin Non Profit Organizations

Milan Gašović

2009, vol. 5, no. 9, p. 111-115

Non profit sector is composed of individuals and organization that help the society to become the community of responsible members oriented both to proper progress, and local social community welfare. The core of marketing concept is assessment of necessities in order to fulfill buyers' desires and needs (consumers; service users). Although some actors from non profit sector do not contest using, consciously or unconsciously, some marketing activities (advertising; consumers need investigation, PR), the market orientation and profit do present to them some obstacles, being one of main business concept marketing goals. That is, non profit organizations are not directed to profit creating, but to social community benefit. Similarly, some marketing postulates have to be considerably modified to non profit specific properties. Owing to the fact that marketing could be observed as an exchange process that relates the ones who has specific needs (beneficiary of NPO services) to the ones who fulfill that needs (NPO together with donors/financial sources providers), which means that the business concept could be applied in non profit organizations, as well as. The appropriate marketing strategies facilitate the non profit organizations to fulfill their mission and to realize program goals.

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Milan Gašović. "The Theoretical Assumptions Of Marketing Applicationin Non Profit Organizations ." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 5, no. 9, 2009, p. 111-115

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