Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Information Technologies: Driving Force Of New Economy

Radislav Jovović

2006, vol. 2, no. 4, p. 147-156

Today, information technologies are increasing in speed, power, and sophistication, and they now can link together a vast array of devices into a network that spans the globe. They offer new ways of learning, working, and playing, as well as conducting global business. Some contend that these changes are revolutionary and will change the world; others argue that the changes are evolutionary. In this paper I take the view that these changes are neither revolutionary nor evolutionary but driving force of new economy. It is reasonable to research phenomena which have created a new world emerging, new economy through technological innovation, enhance economic performance and link the world at the global level. This paper is devoted relationships between information technologies, changes and its influence on society and economy. The adequate paradigm which is the most suited to a new economy is analised.

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Radislav Jovović. "Information Technologies: Driving Force Of New Economy." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 2, no. 4, 2006, p. 147-156

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