Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Multi-Agent Model "Governor" For A Computer Simulation Of The Region As A Complex Socio-Economic System

Elena D. Sushko

2013, vol. 9, no. 1, p. 17-26

This paper describes the agent-based (multi-agent) model. Model simulates the socioeconomic condition of the region based on the reconstruction of its internal structure, as well as the structure and behavior in its territory of autonomous economic agents. An multi-agent model is an artificial society of interacting autonomous agents, each of them having a given set of personal characteristics ("resources") which define its value in the model in terms of its intended role in social production, an objective function (the "interests") and is subject to the specified rules of conduct. The model contains agents that correspond to the basic of economic actors forming the following hierarchy: agent-people agents-organizations, in which people work, agents-municipal districts, on the territory of which organizations are located and people live, the region-constituent entity of the Russian Federation, which includes municipal districts. Aggregation of individual characteristics makes it possible to estimate the overall "usefulness" of each agent, in which the agents-people model corresponds to their labor potential, and for the following levels of agents is a function of the total labor potential of the agents-people included. The budgets incomes consist of tax liabilities of agents-enterprises of the real sector and individual income tax of agents-people. Further on, the funds supplied to the budget are distributed among public administration, education, public health service, science and culture. Therefore, the activity of agents-people of working age, who fulfill their employment potential, serve as the foundation of the overall economic life of the region in the model. The model is implemented in the form of a custom software product and it is set up to test different management strategies for income and expenditure of the budgets of two levels: the regional budget and the budgets of municipal districts.

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Elena D. Sushko. "Multi-Agent Model 'Governor' For A Computer Simulation Of The Region As A Complex Socio-Economic System." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 9, no. 1, 2013, p. 17-26

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