Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Corporatism As A Totalitaristic Foundation And Practicism

Slobodan Lakic

2012, vol. 8, no. 2, p. 275-293

Based on the liberal concept of management and generating profit, capitalism disappeared from the world economic and political scene during the Great Economic Crisis. The expansion of mega corporations, primarily from the USA, was enabled by Anglo-Saxon fascist political-economic world order and state favoring – global control mechanism. The fascist order was in propulsion owing to a combination of leftist economic and political foundations and rightist oppressive practicism. As a foundation of functioning of the world corporate system, corporatism is positioned as a unity of corporative supremacy and state power. Globalization is identified as a geopolitical super-control. The key resource for the transfer of wealth has become global control, along with conspiracy. The current world financial crisis – banking, currency and debt – represents an effort of forced reforming and a more concise restoration of fascism, along with an obvious enhancement to the maintenance of totalitaristic manners of corporate management. The theoretical foundation of the leading world scientists has contributed to a constant distortion, manipulative modeling and conscious covering up of national and globalist economic systems and policies.

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Slobodan Lakic. "Corporatism As A Totalitaristic Foundation And Practicism." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 8, no. 2, 2012, p. 275-293

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