Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Institutional Framework For Strategic Management Of Spatial Development - The Case Study Of Serbia

Sofija Adzic, Mirko Marjanovic and Jasminka Adzic

2012, vol. 8, no. 2, p. 253-274

The presented taxonomy for determining institutional framework for strategic management of spatial development in Serbia is based on three theses. The first is that the methodology for determining institutional framework for this purpose must rely on the concept and elements defined in the key document for the Europeanization of spatial development - ESDP (European Spatial Development Perspective: Toward Balanced and Sustainable Development of the EU). Second, its task is to create conditions for the implementation of active strategies of versions of reindustrialization of Serbia, with a focus on creating an enabling surrounding for the export business and private investments in mid and high technology industry in every part of the national territory. Third thesis is theirs the key mission is the application of models of endogenization results of technological progress in the institutional structure, as the basic condition for inclusion of Serbia in the development of new global production system. In the context of these hypotheses, analysis of the relationship between the management of spatial development and implementation of the model of endogenization of technological development in the institutional structure is based on their role in the revitalization of developmental functions of three basic production- organizational models of modern industry (industrial districts, clusters, poles of generic growth) in Serbia. Exposed material, in addition to an introduction and conclusion, is divided into three parts. The first part analyzes the methodology and results of current characteristics of the national production-organizational system. The focus is on determining key factors that block or open the space for reindustrialization in accordance with the European concept of endogenous, auto-propulsive and self-sustainable development based on scientific knowledge. In the second part, the emphasis is on exploring the link between scientifically valid defined objectives for reindustrialization and content of institutional reforms and policies for their implementation, primarily in terms of creating conditions for the spatial development of Serbia in the framework and elements defined in the ESDP document. The focus of the third part is the concretization of the determinants of the institutional framework for managing spatial development from national to local levels to the realization of the strategy of reindustrialization of Serbia.

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Sofija Adzic, Mirko Marjanovic and Jasminka Adzic. "Institutional Framework For Strategic Management Of Spatial Development - The Case Study Of Serbia." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 8, no. 2, 2012, p. 253-274

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