Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Some Determinants Of Innovation Success

Deniz Ahmetagić and Tibor Fazekaš

2010, vol. 6, no. 12, p. 229-235

Innovation has become the basic factor of enterprise survival and its development in the globalized economic environment. The work will present the key determinants of innovative success in the form of organizational structure and innovation culture. Organizational structure should be innovative one and enable the realization and improvement of innovation culture as dominant components of organizational culture. Innovations are the fundamental competitive advantage of the enterprises in developed countries and it should become the central task and activity of our organizations in the future.

suggested citation:

Deniz Ahmetagić and Tibor Fazekaš. "Some Determinants Of Innovation Success." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 6, no. 12, 2010, p. 229-235

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