Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Human Recource – A Decisive Development Factor For The Tourism In Montenegro

Žarko Božović and Jovan Đurašković

2010, vol. 6, no. 12, p. 203-207

An important factor of business success and a development of a certain area or business subjects has been determined by the abundance, quality and a combination of development factors. A determining postulate in the paper starts with the expert individuals as the basic factor for the development of tourist industry. The research is related to the economic structure and the development of tourism. The additional motif is the fact that within the transformation of political and economic system of Montenegro the least has been achieved in the field of transformation of the human resource management function. Namely, the high degree of ownership and organizational transformation has been achieved while the biggest obstacles have been found in the area of human resource re-engineering. These obstacles are related to changes and in the majority of companies the human resource management has been practically reduced to a personal department. The companies have maintained a social dimension and they are still far from being economic subjects. This type of relation is specially present in the employment and the solving of redundancy problems. Having in mind the fact that the tourism is the priority developmental route of Montenegro the quality of tourist product has to be achieved and competitiveness of this industry has to be raised to a higher level. On the other hand the multiplicative effect of tourism includes the very demand for a quality product and the valorization of other, first of all, economy branches like agriculture, trade, traffic as well as activities related to culture, education, science which implies the investment in the education of expert individuals in tourism and the permanent learning process. In order to achieve this goal not only the role of expert individuals is important but also all those of employed in tourism and the whole population in the location in both coastal and mountain tourism. The re-engineering of human resource management implies a necessary changing of the role of human resource function of a company – from a personal service to the leading business function with expert individuals who have knowledge, creativity, competence and communication skills.

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Žarko Božović and Jovan Đurašković. "Human Recource – A Decisive Development Factor For The Tourism In Montenegro." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 6, no. 12, 2010, p. 203-207

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