Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Tauzovic General Continuum (Tgc) – Modern (Systems) Methodology Of Management

Jovo Tauzović

2010, vol. 6, no. 12, p. 61-75

Modern (systems) management methodology, called Tauzovic General Continuum (TGC), solves the problems of managing (systems) via consecutive use of the continuum of four sets: (i) cyclic, (ii) iterative, (iii) continuous, and (iv) spiral activities as follows: /1/ Activities of (comprehensive) preparations (P – with special parts: /1.1/ External preparations /the need for the existence of a system - Ep/ and /1.2/ Internal preparations /policy – conditions, limitations or opportunities, as a strategy – Ip/), /2/ Analysis activities (support or input – A), /3/ Synthesis activities (supply or transformation of inputs into outputs – S) and /4/ Control activities (valuation or actual output – C). Developed forms of TGC are based on its Basic form (/B/TGC or TGC), then continue through the Modern (MTGC), then Extended (ETGC), Upgraded (UTGC) and Conceptual (CTGC) form. Final development of the continuum leads to the creation of comprehensive (modern) innovative methodology for managing operations systems, as the basic and main parts of all modern systems. The conclusion presents the tests of some of the developed forms of TGC. It particularly highlights the possibility of its usage for the following purposes: (i) sigma six, (ii) process-based quality management system model, and (iii) conceptual linkages of theory determination and acquiring knowledge.

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Jovo Tauzović. "Tauzovic General Continuum (Tgc) – Modern (Systems) Methodology Of Management." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 6, no. 12, 2010, p. 61-75

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