Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Passenger Ports Benchmarking Due To The E-Services They Offer

Sanja Bauk

2010, vol. 6, no. 11, p. 49-56

This paper represents a particular attempt to categorize some relevant passenger ports e-services. Generally speaking, ports' e-services might be categorized due to their functionality as navigational, ship and passengers related ones; logistics, business, entertainment, safety, security, environmental, and others. In this paper, only those ports' e-services related directly to the passengers' needs, mostly in the context of cruising tourism, are taken into consideration and accordingly categorized as core, or as value added ones, and as informational and/or transactional ones. Then, each of the e-services for the analysed passenger port, taken from a predefined set of ports, has been assigned with 1 or 0 values depending on that if the port offers related e-service or not. These values are later weighted by the appropriate, subjectively evaluated, indexes and employed in the calculation of the total score of the performance measures for each passenger port. Finally, in such way obtained scores have been used in the process of the considered passenger ports benchmarking, i.e. their proper positioning at the respective e-market.

suggested citation:

Sanja Bauk. "Passenger Ports Benchmarking Due To The E-Services They Offer." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 6, no. 11, 2010, p. 49-56

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