Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Supply Chain Equilibriums Under Non-Linear Cost Functions Of Participants

Anatoliy Kholodenko and Oleksiy Gorb

2010, vol. 6, no. 11, p. 5-8

the developed econometric model with non-linear cost functions allows to optimize the economic parameters of the supply chain participants in case of their economic independence. The discovered analytical relations make it possible to determine equilibrium values for tariff, product price and traffic volume, to maximize profit of each supplychain participant with various transportation tariffs to be charged. Key words: tariff, cost function, carrier, balance, leader, exporter.

suggested citation:

Anatoliy Kholodenko and Oleksiy Gorb. "Supply Chain Equilibriums Under Non-Linear Cost Functions Of Participants." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 6, no. 11, 2010, p. 5-8

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