Montenegrin Journal of Economics

The Role Of Learnig Organization For Knowlede Creation

Radislav Jovović

2009, vol. 5, no. 10, p. 111-117

Yet, while individual learning is indeed a key building block of organizational effectiveness, it is not sufficient. Over the last fifty years, we have built a deeper understanding of how the dynamics of groups and the structures of organizations can create a context in which learning may flourish, or indeed where it may decline. In this paperr we take a closer look at what we know about these contexts for learning, and at how organizations succeed or fail to use learning and knowledge as key resources for innovation, productivity, and ultimately competitiveness.

suggested citation:

Radislav Jovović. "The Role Of Learnig Organization For Knowlede Creation." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 5, no. 10, 2009, p. 111-117

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