Montenegrin Journal of Economics

Ecr Strategy - Concept And Tools For Times Of Economic Recession

Zoran Bogetić and Slobodan Aćimović

2009, vol. 5, no. 10, p. 53-63

The following presentation sublimates the results of extensive studying on the causes of traditional marketing channels and supplying inefficiency and non-competitiveness and developing strategic solutions, contained in the logic of efficient consumer response. Given the recessive economic situation, as well as the current moment and the necessity of developing efficient business models, among contemporary theorists and practitioners matured awareness about necessary deeper understanding of efficient consumer response strategy, including factors of affirmation of such a business approach, as well as the elements and expected ECR effects. Economies in the Balkans, especially in the Western Balkans, in recessive times, finding themselves in phase of transition and in searching for more effective business models, and faced with European integration and intensifying competitive game, have a special need for sustainable business models that mean continuity, profitability and development. Hence the need for deeper understanding of supply chain management strategy, effective in approach of efficient response to consumers. Particular emphasis is on business philosophy, strategy and tactical steps of implementation of efficient consumer response, as a new paradigm of competitive games with successful players of the Western business world.

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Zoran Bogetić and Slobodan Aćimović. "Ecr Strategy - Concept And Tools For Times Of Economic Recession." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 5, no. 10, 2009, p. 53-63

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