Montenegrin Journal of Economics

About Psyhogenetical And Psihogenetical Basis Of Economic Behavior

Juliy Olsevich

2007, vol. 3, no. 6, p. 13-41

While the economists' discrepancies on the human nature being a main hidden source of the modern crisis of economic theory, the author of this essay attracts attention to the new findings of genetics and psychology as an appropriate base for the understanding of economic behavior. The achievements and deficiencies of recent Nobel Prize laureates are examined from this point of view, and the alternative (psycho-typological) approach to economic issues is suggested.

suggested citation:

Juliy Olsevich. "About Psyhogenetical And Psihogenetical Basis Of Economic Behavior." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 3, no. 6, 2007, p. 13-41

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