Montenegrin Journal of Economics

ParadigmatiČNost "Nove Ekonomije

Veselin Drašković

2005, vol. 1, no. 1, p. 127-137

Challenges, consequences, possibilities and ranges of a "new economics" are large and numerous and, therefore, deserve scientific attention and phenomenological approach, particularly in explaining the character of its paradigm. The work provides some theoretical and practical aspects of the "new economics" as a metaphor that reflects the spirit of postindustrial-informatics era, through the prism of assessing a level of its paradigm. Besides this, there are some answers regarding actual questions about relations between the "new economics" and economic theory, progress, civilization approach, business skill and choice. From a theoretical point of view, this analysis shows that the "new economics" paradigm is not only a discussion subject, but that there are no reliable evidences about its existence. Traditional laws, principles and categorial apparatus of economic science are still in existence and effect. In that part the "new economics" has not made any difference. To attach an attribute of theoretical paradigm to the "new economics" is especially thanklessly when, as well known, it significantly reduces the choice as the essence of economics, creating top competence, forcing intracompany exchange and network partnerships which, in a way, mean naturalization of commodity and monetary flows and competition limitation. From a view of practice, there is no doubt about informatics, telecommunication, innovative, organizational, globalization and other achievements and manifestations that make it "new" in a paradigmatic meaning of the word.

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Veselin Drašković. "ParadigmatiČNost 'Nove Ekonomije." Montenegrin Journal of Economics. vol. 1, no. 1, 2005, p. 127-137

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